shutterstock_722499955London Area Winter Hardwood Floor Maintenance

It is time to buckle down to the chilly winter months. Whether you require extensive floor refinishing, or you just want to clean or paint up your hardwood flooring from the grit and gunk summer time, here are several tips.

First of all, know the challenges posed by your regional environment. Here in Northern California, winters are pretty mild. But altering humidity conditions can play havoc on various kinds of hardwood flooring. Especially, humidity can lead to wood to expand and shrink, flexing and damaging it. Utilize a blend of dehumidification and humidification to keep the ambient moisture level in a safe level.

Here in the London Area, we might not find much slush and ice and snow. But life can certainly become cluttered from the winter with all the rain we get. To this end, protect your hardwood flooring by laying out floor mats, teaching your pets and children appropriate wiping method, and asking visitors to remove their shoes at the doorway.

Pre-Scheduled Hardwood Floor Refinishing or Repair

Create a systematic process to keep your floors treated and cleaned. Write down a program that outlines how and when you will wash your floors and carpets. That may sound like overkill. But creating this kind of schedule can save a lot of work. For instance, let’s say you plan to sweep your floors once per week and get them professionally treated after per year. That’s a viable strategy. You can then alter that program based on your energy level, preferences, budget, aesthetic requirements, etc.. But at least you will have a system, which means you will not need to rethink your cleaning requirements from scratch each time.

Are your hardwood floors under warranty?

Connect with a skilled hardwood floors maintenance company that you can trust. The City Sanders team can provide awesome work that can prolong the life span of your flooring and keep them lovely. Learn more about our skills and background at , or call us to schedule a free and comprehensive estimate: 020 3369 9858 .

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