shutterstock_668610136.jpgOne of the biggest selling features of hardwood floors are their durability, as they can endure for generations to come if looked after correctly. How you keep your hardwood flooring is quite important by following this advice it will help to keep your hardwood floors looking magnificent for a long time to come.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important as it can reduce cleaning time significantly and help prevent damages from occurring. This can include anything from positioning mats on either side of doors to manage foot traffic, using floor protectors under furniture and making certain the flooring have been properly sealed. Not only will this make routine cleaning easier and minimise any harm, it will also help preserve the flooring and safeguard the durability of the product.

Routine Care

Normal cleaning of your hardwood flooring is not a complex procedure. Start with sweeping and dusting the floor to eliminate any excess debris and dust and mop the floors with a spray that’s been treated using a dusting agent to lift all of the dirt and pet hair that can scratch and damage the floor’s finish. It’s also safe to use the vacuum cleaner using the brush attachment for routine cleaning, or spot clean with electrostatic cloths.

Removing Tough Marksshutterstock_264006611

If it comes to removing marks and scuffs from the ground the end needs to be thought about. In case the mark seems to be about the surface then it is likely your floor has a tricky finish such as urethane, whereas if it appears to get soaked in, it more than likely has an oiled finish. The latter is common in older houses in which the hardwood hadn’t been refinished and resealed.

To remove marks out of hard finishes simply wipe with a cloth, remembering never to use abrasive materials like steel wool, sandpaper or harsh chemicals because they can cause permanent damage to the timber.

Taking care of your hardwood floor may take some work, but you’ll enjoy the advantages of the very long run.


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