4 Benefits of Wide Plank Flooring

1db3121912e6e234a27e9d6757c0ebea--vinyl-tile-flooring-vinyl-planksThere is a reason hardwood flooring is one of the most frequently used flooring choices available on the market. It is warm, classic feel and low care needs make it perfect for many, many houses. One of those options you’ve got for your hardwood floors is wide plank flooring. Wide plank floors is equally as varied as other hardwood alternatives, it only seems a bit different. It is all about what you want to see within your home! Here are only a few the advantages of wide plank flooring.

Variety of Options

This is a remarkably broad definition, so pretty much every number of hardwood flooring is available in a wide plank option. Wide plank flooring is offered in a vast array of wood species, colors, finishes, and compositions.


Since wide plank floors is available in such a huge variety of options, it also comes in a vast array of price points. It is no problem to find a wide plank flooring choice for just about any budget. Whether you’re performing a relatively modest project and wish to splurge on flooring or you need to re-do the floors in many rooms of your home, you can find a wide plank flooring option that is suitable for your layout preferences and budgetary needs.Laminate-Flooring-Plank-1-Strip-Oak-Kansas

Speedy Installation

Since wide plank flooring is broader and therefore takes up more surface area than narrower alternatives, the setup will take far less time. If you’re pressed for time, wide plank hardwood is your thing to do. The faster your setup, the more quickly you can get to loving your beautiful new hardwood flooring!

Classic Aesthetic

Nothing beats the classic look and feel of hardwood flooring. Since broad plank flooring utilizes bigger slices of wood, you get to see even more of the organic patterns in the wood grain. These elements add character to any room and make a gorgeous conversation piece.

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